Arithmetic Progressions Case Study Based Questions 02 Term II

Mathematics TERM II

Arithmetic Progressions

Class 10 Session 2021-2022

Case Study Questions 02

India is competitive manufacturing location due to the low cost of manpower and strong technical and engineering capabilities contributing to higher quality production runs. The production of TV sets in a factory increases uniformly by a fixed number every year. It produced 16000 sets in `6^{th}` year and 22600 in `9^{th}` year.

1. The production during first year is

(a) 3000 TV sets
(b) 5000 TV sets
(c) 7000 TV sets
(d) 10000 TV sets

(b) 5000 TV sets

2. The production during `8^{th}` year is

(a) 10500
(b) 11900
(c) 12500
(d) 20400

(d) 20400

3. The production during first 3 years is

(a) 12800
(b) 19300
(c) 21600
(d) 25200

(c) 21600

4. In which year, the production is 29,200?

(a) `10^{th}` year
(b) `12^{th}` year
(c) `15^{th}` year
(d) `18^{th}` year

(b) `12^{th}` year

5. The difference of the production during `7^{th}` year and `4^{th}` year is

(a) 6600
(b) 6800
(c) 5400
(d) 7200

(a) 6600

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