CBSE Class 10th Term 1 Exam 2021-22 : Best Tips To Score Full Marks In MCQ Papers

CBSE Class 10th Term 1 Exam 2021-22 : Best Tips To Score Full Marks In MCQ Papers

Important tips and tricks to prepare effectively for the upcoming CBSE Class 10th Term 1 Exam and score full marks in the MCQ-based papers.

The Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE is all set to conduct the Class 10th Term 1 Exam for major papers from 30th November 2021. This is for the first time that the question papers in the board exam will be totally MCQ-based. The board has already released various sources of practice like sample papers, practice books and mock tests for students.

At this time, when all the class 10th students would be busy with their final preparations for the upcoming CBSE Class 10th Term 1 Exam, here are some of the most important tips and tricks to help them score full marks in the MCQ papers.

  • Solve Several Sample Papers To Boost Your Confidence

Board exams often come with a huge amount of burden and fear. However, this is just like any other school exam that can be succeeded in with good preparation and hard work. In CBSE Class 10th Term 1 Exam 2021-22 also, students can do really well by practicing as many MCQs as possible. Students must solve CBSE sample papers of all subjects to know important questions. Solving a number of questions is not only the best way to assess your knowledge but it also increases your confidence to write the paper correctly.

  • Take A Self-Assessment test

Self-assessment is really important for the students appearing in CBSE Class 10th Term 1 Exam. It gives you a chance to know your strengths and weaknesses. In simple words, you get to know in which subject you have expertise in and which are the ones in which you need to work harder. This can be done by solving the sample papers or taking mock tests. Measure your preparation level and point out the questions you were unable to answer. Then devote more time to such unknown topics. This will surely help you do well in all papers in the board exam.

  • Learn Time Management

At the time of the exam, students might spend more time on a particular question and then lack time for other questions leaving them unsolved. This loss of marks can be ignored if you have a proper time management plan for writing your exam. You should have an idea about how much time to be spent on a particular question. You can easily learn this art of time management by taking mock tests or solving sample papers. Every time you solve a sample paper, track your time that in which part of the paper you took more time and why. Then, work on your flaws to improve your time.

  • Have A Good Study Plan And Follow it Religiously

While preparing for the CBSE board exams, it is good to make the right study plan and adhere to the same. But the best thing about your study plan should be that it has achievable goals for each session. Make a realistic plan. Keep your study hours short but effective. Actually, sitting for long hours at a stretch slows down one’s mechanism. So, this is not going to benefit you in any way. Moreover, your timetable or study routine should include adequate time for each subject. Every student should create his/her own timetable according to his/her own subject preferences, i.e., which subject he wants to study more and which for less time.

  • Take Short Breaks To Keep Your Energy Level Up

It is quite necessary to take frequent but short breaks so that you are not overtaken by exam stress and anxiety. Every three or four hours move out of your place, drink water or have some snacks. Some other important things you can do for your brain include meditation, taking deep breaths, listening to soothing music or indulging in any other activities which relax you. Eat healthy, sleep well and drink plenty of water to keep yourself fit and fine so that you can easily concentrate on what you are studying.

CBSE Class 10th Term 1 Exam is quite important for students as the marks obtained in this MCQ-Test will be added to the final score for calculating the CBSE Class 10th Result 2021-22. Therefore, students should follow the above simple yet effective tricks to prepare for the term 1 exam and score full marks.

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