Circles Case Study Based Questions 02 Term II

Mathematics TERM II


Class 10 Session 2021-2022

Case Study Questions 02

Varun has been selected by his School to design logo for Sports Day T-shirts for students and staff . The logo design is given as in the figure and he is working on the fonts and different colours according to the theme. In the given figure, a circle with centre O is inscribed in a ΔABC, such that it touches the sides AB, BC and CA at points D, E and F respectively. The lengths of sides AB, BC and CA are 12 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm respectively.
1. The length of AD is

(a) 7 cm
(b) 8 cm
(c) 5 cm
(d) 9 cm

(a) 7 cm

2. The length of BE is

(a) 8 cm
(b) 5 cm
(c) 2 cm
(d) 9 cm

(b) 5 cm

3. The length of CF is

(a) 20 cm
(b) 5 cm
(c) 2 cm
(d) 3 cm

(d) 3 cm

4. If the radius of the circle is 4 cm, then the area of triangle OAB is

(a) 20 sq cm
(b) 36 sq cm
(c) 24 sq cm
(d) 48 sq cm

(c) 24 sq. cm

5. The area of triangle ABC is

(a) 50 sq cm
(b) 60 sq cm
(c) 100 sq cm
(d) 90 sq cm

(b) 60 sq. cm

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