Constructions Case Study Based Questions 01 Term II

Mathematics TERM II


Class 10 Session 2021-2022

Case Study Questions 01

The management of a school decided to arouse interest of their students in Mathematics. So they want to construct some geometrical shapes in one corner of the school premises. They showed a rough sketch of a right triangular structure on a plane sheet of paper with sides AB = 6 m, BC = 8 m and `\angle`B = 90°. The diagram shows a perpendicular from the vertex B to the front side AC. They want to build a circular wall through B, C and D but they had certain problems in doing so. So they called on some students of class X to solve this problem. They made some suggestions.

1. To find centre of the circle, the students made some suggestions which are as follows:

(a) Draw perpendicular BD on AC
(b) Draw perpendicular bisectors of BC and CD.
(c) The intersecting point of perpendiculars of BC and CD are the centre of the circle.
(d) All of the above

(d) All of the above

2. Referring to the above, what will be the length of AD?

(a) 3.6 m
(b) 3.8 m
(c) 4.8 m
(d) 5.6 m

(a) 3.6 m

3. Referring to the above, what is the length of perpendicular drawn on side AC from vertex B?

(a) 2.6 m
(b) 3.0 m
(c) 4.8 m
(d) 4.0 m

(c) 4.8 m

4. Referring to the above, the length of tangent AE is

(a) 10 m
(b) 8 m
(c) 12 m
(d) 6 m

(d) 6 m

5. Referring to the above, sum of angles `\angle`BAE and `\angle`BOE is

(a) 120°
(b) 180°
(c) 90°
(d) 60°

(b) 180°

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