English Language & Literature

Footprints Without Feet

Class 10

Revision Notes

Chapter 6: The Making of a Scientist

This lesson is about one of the greatest scientist Richard H. Ebright who was an inspiration for the young generation of his times. In his childhood, he had the habit of collecting butterflies, rock fossils and coins. He started his scientific study and research on butterflies during his school time. His extreme curiosity and will to win for the right cause made him an exceptional scientist.

This story is the unbelievable account of Richard Ebright, efforts as a scientist, who did wonders in the field of science and made a niche for himself in the field of scientific research. He was the only child of his parents, who had a great fascination for butterflies, right from when he was very young. His mother was a source of inspiration for him right from his childhood and always encouraged him to have a wonderful collection of fossils, rocks, coins and butterflies in his room. Guided by Dr. Urquhart, he started tagging monarch butterflies, but when there was no feedback, he started losing interest. Right from the eighth grade, he started doing real experiments. He soon started winning awards after awards. He then realised the importance of cells and showed how a cell would divide and develop into normal butterfly wing-scales. He won the first prize at the International science Fair. Then he got a new blue print of its DNA. Other than Science, Ebright was a good debater, canoeist as well as an expert photographer.

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