English Class 10th Factual Passage 01 Unsolved Term II

English Language & Literature TERM II

Factual Passage (Un-Solved)

Class 10 Session 2021-2022

Passage 01

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:

Most of us undoubtedly realise that God gives parents the responsibility of raising their children. After all, they are the parents. Sometimes, however, it is great to think outside the box. Recently in an exclusive survey it was discovered that now the time has come for Gen X to start parenting the other way round. To really work out that generation gap and even bring parents up to the maturity levels of a teen and how?

Some of the greatest joys of life can occur as teens and parents come to deeper understanding of each other sharing their feelings, dreams, desires and even fears. Sensitivity and openness is the key, our Gen X feels. “Parents need to listen to us,” says Gauri, a student of class XI, ‘‘They need to realise that proper communication is the key to bringing each other closer and to make each other comfortable.’’ ‘‘For the same’’, adds Apoorva of class XII, “they should participate in the same things as their kids, and try to see things from our point of view.” This, she says will give them a lot of perspective and insight in our psyche, and they will understand our problems better.

Answer the following questions:

Question.1. What responsibility does God give to parents?
Question.2. Why does God give them this responsibility?
Question.3. What is great to think sometimes?
Question.4. What has time come for now?
Question.5. How can parents work out the generation gap?
Question.6. When do the greatest joys of life come?
Question.7. What can they share with each other?
Question.8. What is the key to bringing each other closer?

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