English Class 10th Factual Passage 03 Unsolved Term II

English Language & Literature TERM II

Factual Passage (Un-Solved)

Class 10 Session 2021-2022

Passage 03

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:

The newspapers have taken the place of the Gita, the Bible and the Quran with the people. For them, the printed sheet is gospel truth. The fact throws a great responsibility on the editors and newswriters.

Newspapers are a powerful influence. It is the duty of the editors to see that no false report or report likely to excite the public is published in their newspapers. The editors and their assistants have to be extra careful about the news they give and the manner in which they dress it. In a state of independence, it is practically impossible for Governments to control the Press. It is the duty of the public to keep a strict watch on the newspapers and keep them on the right path. An enlightened public would refuse to patronise inflammatory or indecent newspapers.

Newspapers which indulge in untruth or exaggeration harm the cause they profess to espouse. I admit that there is enough untruth in enough newspapers to warrant action. But my experience is that no amount of public criticism will affect the policyof newspapers which make their livelihood by such policy …… But I write this in no way to condone untruths in newspapers. I am quite clear that if newspapers weighed every word that is printed therein, we should have a speedier removal of abuses whether in the States or elsewhere.

Answer the following questions:

Question.1. Whose place have the newspaper taken?
Question.2. What is the gospel truth for people?
Question.3. What throws a great responsibility on editors and newswriters?
Question.4. What is the duty of the editors?
Question.5. Is it possible for governments to control the press?
Question.6. What is the duty of the public?
Question.7. How do newspapers harm their own cause?
Question.8. How can we have a speedier removal of abuses?

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