English Class 10th Factual Passage 04 Unsolved Term II

English Language & Literature TERM II

Factual Passage (Un-Solved)

Class 10 Session 2021-2022

Passage 04

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:

BPOs have often been faulted for the lack of women in their senior managerial positions. “Communication and self-expression are the key challenges that women working in the BPO sector face today. These problems arise from lack of confidence”, says the CEO of sitagita.com, a blog for women who work in BPOs.

Not all BPO women are considered to be confident and on par with their male colleagues. Women at the senior level may be very confident but lower rung employees have a long way to go.

Another interesting angle to the debate on female self-expression is the number of women from small towns and conservative backgrounds who are new to the BPO culture. What awaits them at the industry is a complete cross cultural dilemma—a new work culture, pressure of deadlines and never-experienced-before graveyard shifts. Such dilemmas tend to worsen when self-expression is curtailed or not encouraged.

The sector wants more women to join. The companies, especially, are looking at women for the stability factor. The current man-woman ratio in the BPO sector is 69 : 31. And the number of women is set to rise. So sitagita.com is a platform that women can use to express their concerns.

Answer the following questions:

Question.1. Why have BPOs often been faulted?
Question.2. What main challenges do women working in the BPO sector face today?
Question.3. Why do these problems arise?
Question.4. Are all women considered to be confident?
Question.5. What awaits women from small towns and conservative background working in BPOs?
Question.6. Why are companies looking at women?
Question.7. What is the current man-woman ratio in the BPO sector?
Question.8. What is the platform that woman can use to express their concerns?

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