English Class 10th Factual Passage 10 Term II

English Language & Literature TERM II

Factual Passage (Solved)

Class 10 Session 2021-2022

Passage 10

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:


With high-visibility film releases and continued discounts on all brands, Delhiites usually have a lot to do on their much awaited August 15 holiday. But as some kite lovers tell us, even with all the options available to them, switching off from those options and coming back to kites and socializing is worth it. Amit Chadha, who runs his own business in Kamla Nagar, tells us, “The excitement of flying kites is not the same as it used to be when we were kids. Tab toh kuch aur hota hi nahi tha karne ko, sirf terrace kite wars hote they. Now, cancelling movie and travel plans to fly kites with friends seems like a bad idea to most, but my group of friends and I still make it happen. We think it’s worth switching off from the usual rigmarole on one day and doing something relaxed and fun like this. Every year, we get a lot of friends who see our updates online, and then join us by the evening. This year also, we have a kite flying get-together at my place on the 15th.”

Saurabh Tiwari, an MBA student staying with his family in Paschim Vihar in West Delhi, adds, “I’ve been away from home for the last two I-Days, but now that I am back, I want to do what we’ve always done on this day — get a music system on the roof, some snacks, lots of friends – and fly kites. I have made a WhatsApp group and I’m convincing my friends to get together and come over to our old flat’s terrace. August 15 used to be a day-long kite-flying party for us, and I really want to do the same thing now, even though it doesn’t happen so much in other parts of the city these days.”

Passing on the tradition

Getting over the whole August 15 kite flying concept is most difficult for children of the 80s and the 90s, who have grown up participating in society functions where they indulged in kite battles. And for them, getting their kids and the next generation excited about the same is a very “important challenge”. Juhi Malpani Bhatt, a professor of architecture, who stays with her family in Dwarka, tells us, “When we were kids, we would get excited about kites weeks in advance. I really missed all that when I moved out of Delhi for a short while. But now, I want both my kids to feel the same way about kites. We’ve been getting them kites for the past couple of years, and thanks to their school functions and our efforts, they’ve developed a liking for it and that makes me happy and nostalgic.”

Vinod Taneja, who works with a bank in Green Park, is still trying to get his kids out of their rooms and onto the terrace. He says, “For us, kite flying came so naturally. We were never taught how to do it, bas dekhi dikhai ho jaati thi. I am trying to get my son to be involved in the whole August 15 kite flying thing now. But usko TV se hata ke upar leke jaana hi ek struggle hai. Plus, how do I teach him? This year again, we’ve got kites and manjhas and have invited friends over. I really want him to feel the way we felt about this day. So let’s see what happens.”

Question.1. What do some kite lovers tell about their option?

Some kite lovers would like to use the option of flying kites on August 15.

Question.2. What does Amit Chadha say about the excitement of flying kites?

Amit Chadha feels that the excitement of flying kites is not the same as it used to be when he was a kid.

Question.3. Do people in general like cancelling movies and travel plans to fly kites?

No, people in general would not like cancelling movies and travel plans to fly kites.

Question.4. How does Saurabh Tiwari enjoy flying kites on the roof?

Saurabh Tiwari will take some snacks, a music system and lots of friends on the roof to enjoy kite flying on the Independence Day.

Question.5. Is getting over the whole August 15 kite flying concept easy for children of the 80s and 90s?

No, the children of 80s and 90s were brought up in the tradition of flying kites on the Independence Day.

Question.6. What makes Juhi happy and nostalgic?

Flying kites on the Independence Day with her kids makes Juhi happy and nostalgic.

Question.7. How does Vinod Taneja struggle with his son regarding kite flying?

Vinod Taneja struggles with his son as the child is glued to the television and has no interest in flying kites.

Question.8. What does Vinod Taneja want his son to feel?

Vinod Taneja wants his son to feel the way he felt about the Independence Day himself when he was a kid.

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