हिंदी ( रिमझिम )

कक्षा 1

NCERT Textbook & Solution


Class 1 Hindi NCERT textbook, Rimjhim has 24 chapters in which TERM I has 12 chapters.

Hindi is one of the most important subjects of the Class 1 CBSE curriculum. It is imperative for young learners to develop their spoken Hindi as well as writing skills of this subject at the onset of their academic life. Having a solid foundation in the subject and a strong grammatical base makes it easier for students to understand and progress to higher classes with ease.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi have been solved in a simple manner. This helps young kids to develop an in-depth understanding and interest in the subject through rhyming poems and enchanting stories.

We have extensively covered all exercises and every single question of all units of the NCERT Class 1 Hindi textbook, रिमझिम. 

The detailed syllabus has been discussed below along with the Key Concepts (मुख्य अवधारणाएँ ) and Learning outcomes (लक्ष्यित अधिगम परिणाम). So that learning can be Joyful.

पाठ 1

पाठ 2

आम की कहानी

Unit 3

Poem: One Little Kitten

Story: Lalu and Peelu

Unit 4

Poem: Once I Saw a Little Bird

Story: Mittu and the Yellow Mango

Unit 5

Poem: Merry-Go-Round

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