NCERT Textbook & Solution


Class 1 Mathematics NCERT textbook has 13 chapters in which TERM I has 6 chapters.

Starting from shapes and space to counting numbers upto 50. Class 1 Maths is beautifully bifurcated into various chapters in which student actively learn by doing various activities under the guidance of a teacher. 

Various activities are beautifully drawn and presented in such a manner that student feels connected with the activities. Whether solving exercise or filling or outlining the shapes and numbers, students are very much engaged in completing the various tasks allotted to them.

The detailed syllabus has been discussed below along with the Key Concepts and Learning outcomes. So that learning can be Joyful.

Chapter 1: Shapes and Space

Chapter 2: Numbers from One to Nine

Chapter 3: Addition

Chapter 4: Subtraction

Chapter 5: Numbers from Ten to Twenty

Chapter 6: Time

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