English (Marigold)

Unit 1 : Poem - A Happy Child

NCERT Solution

Let's Read (Page 2)

Question 1: Read and match the words with the pictures. Draw a line.

Fun with colours (Page 2)

Question 1: Fill in the box with the right colour.

Let's Talk (Page 2)

Question 1: Is there a tree growing near your house?

  • Tell us about the tree. Is it big or small?
  • Do you like the tree? What is the name of the tree?.
  • Yes, there is a big tree growing near my house.
  • Yes, I like the tree. It is a banyan tree which is very huge in size.

Let's Share (Page 3)

Question 1: There are many kinds of houses. Circle the ones you have seen.

Let's Draw (Page 3)

Question 1: Draw your house here and talk about it.

Activity to be done by yourself.

Question 2:

Question 3: Draw lines from the house to the people who live in your home.

Question 4: Trace the numbers on the dotted lines.

Question 5: How many people live in your house?
Write here. ____________ people live in my house.

__Six (6)_ people live in my house.

Question 6:

Question 7:

(Note: You may draw your face in the circle as provided).

Question 8: Collect pictures of a cat, a cow, a dog and a sheep from old books or newspapers and paste them below.

Activity to be done by yourself.

Question 9: Trace over the dotted lines and complete the monkey’s tail.

Question 10: The following have lost their babies. Trace along the maze using different colours and find them. One has been done for you.

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