English (Marigold)

Unit 2 : Poem - After A Bath

NCERT Solution

Let’s Talk (Page 17)

Question 1: Do you like to have a bath? Say why.

Yes, I like to have a bath every day to keep myself healthy, neat and tidy.

Question 2: Can you bathe yourself?

Yes, I can bathe myself.

Question 3: How do you dry yourself?

I dry myself after a bath by using a fresh towel.

Question 4: Have you seen an animal drying itself?

Yes, I have seen my pet dog drying itself by shaking off the excess water from its body whenever I bathe it.

Let’s share (Page 17)

Question 1: Put a around what you do after a bath.
Throw the wet towel on the floor.
Hang the wet towel to dry.

Question 2: Do you wear these things? Draw lines from the picture to the word.

Let's Do (Page 18)

Question 1: Match the following to make pairs. One has been done for you.

Let's Draw (Page 18)

Question 1: Draw or stick a picture of yourself and your friend here. Then complete the sentences and say them aloud.

Activity to be done by yourself.

Question 2: Trace the path to the flowers.

Learn to Write (Page 20)

Question 1:

Question 2: Trace over the waves and colour the fish.

Question 3:

Say Aloud (Page 20)

Question 1: a b c d e f

Read it aloud. Activity to be done by yourself.

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