English (Marigold)

Unit 3 : Poem - One Little Kitten

NCERT Solution

Reading is Fun (Page 30)

Question 1: How many kinds of creatures are there in the poem?

There are fifteen creatures mentioned in the poem.

Question 2: Are the seals happy?

No, the seals are sad.

Let’s Talk (Page 30)

Question 1: Where do the fish live?

The fish live in the water (river, sea or ocean).

Question 2: What are the other things found in water?

The other things found in water are other sea creatures, plants, oysters, shells, herbs, etc.

Question 3: There are many creatures in the poem. Which ones have you seen?

I have seen kitten, cats, butterflies, rats, fishes, lizards, bees, elephants, donkeys, etc.
(Note: You may write the answer as per your choice)

Question 4: Tell us about when you feel —
          sad            brave
         happy        nervous

  • I feel sad when I’m down with fever.
  • I feel brave when I speak the truth.
  • I feel happy when I help others.
  • I feel nervous when I don’t complete my homework.

Let's Share (Page 30)

Question 1: Make faces to show your feelings to your friends.

Activity to be done by yourself.

Let's Draw (Page 31)

Question 1: Look at the pictures of the animals given below and underline them in the poem. Then trace the letters.

Say Aloud (Page 32)

Question 1:

Activity to be done by yourself.

Look and Read (Page 33)

Question 1: Say these words aloud. Then match them with the pictures by drawing lines.

Question 2: Fill in the blanks from the words given above.

b __ gh __ nt __ pc __ pt __ n
c __ t__ ntp __ nf __ x__ xe
b _a_ gh _e_ nt _a_ pc _a_ pt _i_ n
c _a_ t_a_ ntp _e_ nf _o_ x_a_ xe

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