English (Marigold)

Unit 3 : Story - Lalu and Peelu

NCERT Solution

Reading is Fun (Page 36)

Question 1: Name the chicks in the story.

Lalu and Peelu are the names of the chicks in the story.

Question 2: Who liked yellow things?

Peelu liked yellow things.

Question 3: What did Lalu eat one day?

Lalu ate a red chilli from a plant one day.

Let’s Talk (Page 36)

Question 1: Peelu brought a yellow laddu for Lalu. What are the other things Peelu could have brought that are both yellow and sweet? Name at least two, e.g. a mango.

Peelu could have also brought sweet corn and banana for Lalu.

Let's Share (Page 36)

Question 1: Lalu loves red things. Peelu loves yellow things. The colour red is called ‘lal’ in Hindi and yellow is called ‘peela’. What do you call these colours in your language?

Activity to be done by yourself.

Question 2: Give names to these chicks using the names of some other colours in your language.

Let's Write (Page 37)

Question 1: Match the chicks to the eggs they have hatched from. One has been done for you.
Trace the letters on the eggs  a  e  i  o  u

Let's Draw (Page 37)

Question 2: Trace and colour these flowers.

Mother Hen and the Chicks

Let's Act (Page 38)

Question 1: Act out this story with the class.

Activity to be done by yourself.

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