English (Marigold)

Unit 4 : Poem - Once I Saw a Little Bird

NCERT Solution

Reading is Fun (Page 43)

Question 1: What did the child see?

The child saw a little bird.

Question 2: What was the little bird doing?

The little bird sat upon a window.

Let’s Talk (Page 43)

Question 1: Do you see any birds around your school or your house?

Yes, I often see birds around my school or my house.
(Note: You can write the answer as per your choice)

Question 2: Have you tried talking to them?

Yes, I’ve tried talking to birds whenever they come and sit on my window.
(Note: You can write the answer as per your choice)

Let's Do (Page 43)

Question 1: Join the letters from a to z.

Question 2:

Question 3: Say these words aloud and talk about the picture. Then tick the right colour.

Read the below words aloud.

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