English (Marigold)

Unit 4 : Story - Mittu and the Yellow Mango

NCERT Solution

Reading is Fun (Page 47)

Question 1: What did Mittu see on the tree?

Mittu saw a big yellow mango on the tree.

Question 2: What did the big black crow say?

The big black crow told Mittu to go away.

Question 3: What did Mittu see under the tree?

Mittu saw a red balloon under the tree.

Let’s Talk (Page 47)

Question 1: Do you like eating mangoes?

Yes, I like eating ripe mangoes.

Question 2: Do you like green mangoes? Why?

Yes, I like green mangoes as they taste sour and have a unique flavour. My grandmother prepares pickles with them.

Question 3: Do you like yellow mangoes? Why?

Yes, I like yellow mangoes as they have a sweet flavour.

Let's Share (Page 48)

Question 1: Colour the chilli red and the parrot in colours of your choice.

Question 2: Trace the path of the lady bird.

Question 2: Match the fruit and vegetables to the trees they grow on.

Learn to Write (Page 50)

Question 1: Draw over the dotted lines.

Say Aloud (Page 50)

Question 1: Choose a letter from the box and complete the words below.

s __ tp __ gb __ gd __ ts __ n
f __ nl __ gs __ tl __ tb __ n
s _i_ tp _i_ gb _a_ gd _o_ ts _u_ n
f _u_ nl _e_ gs _a_ tl _o_ tb _i_ n

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