English (Marigold)

Unit 5 : Poem - Merry-Go-Round

NCERT Solution

Reading is Fun (Page 54)

Question 1: How did the merry-go-round go?

The merry-go-round went round and round.

Question 2: How did the big brown horse go?

The big brown horse went up and down.

Let’s Talk (Page 54)

Question 1: Have you seen a merry-go-round?

Yes, I have seen a merry-go-round.
(Note: You can write the answer as per your choice)

Question 2: Where have you seen it?

I have seen a merry-go-round in a fair and a park.

Question 3: Would you like to go to a fair?

Yes, I like to visit a fair often.

Let's Share (Page 54)

Question 1: Look at this picture and describe the fair.

The above picture is of a fair. There are children playing around, some are enjoying riding the merry-go-round and some are taking a ride in the toy train. There is a balloon man with colourful balloons and some children are buying balloons from him. Some children are buying toys from the toy shop along with their parents. Everybody is having a great and enjoyable time in the fair.

Question 2: Talk about the things you enjoy at a fair.

I love visiting a fair. I like playing on the slides, swings like merry-go-round and buying new toys from the toy shop. I enjoy taking a quick ride in a toy train. I love buying colourful balloons from the balloon man and watching magic show where the magician performs various magical tricks. Besides, I also enjoy the delicious snacks from the different stalls in a fair.

Question 3: Go round the merry-go-round, find the letters and say them aloud.

Activity to be done by yourself.

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