Chapter 1: Shapes and Space

NCERT Solution

Bigger – Smaller (Page 3)

Question 1: Tick (✔) the bigger.

Question 2: Tick (✔) the smaller.

Question 3: Tick (✔) the smaller tyre.

Biggest-Smallest (Page 4)

Question 2: Tick (✔) the biggest animal.

Question 1: Tick (✔) the smallest tree.

Question 3: Tick (✔) the smallest fruit.

Question 4: Tick (✔) the biggest bubble.

Top-Bottom (Page 5)

Question 1: Tick (✔) the pot in the top.

Question 2: Tick (✔) the animal at the bottom of the stairs.

Nearer-Farther (Page 6)

Question 1: Tick (✔) the  bird nearer to home.

Question 2: Tick (✔) the cat farther from the tree.

Nearest-Farthest (Page 7)

Question 1: Tick (✔) the puppy farthest from the tree.

Question 2: Tick (✔) the tree nearest to the bird.

On-Under, Above-Below (Page 9)

Question 1: Discuss near-far, top-bottom.

Shapes around us (Page 10)

Question 1: Put the shapes in the pink and yellow boxes by drawing a line.

Question 2: Match the similar shapes by drawing a line.

Sorting (Page 11)

Question 1: Sort shapes by joining with similar shapes.

Question 2: Make pairs of similar shapes.

Rolling – Sliding (Page 12)

Question 1: Tick (✔) the objects that will roll.

Question 2: Tick (✔) the objects that will slide.

Shapes (Page 15-20)

Question 1: Match the shapes of same sizes.

Question 2: Match the same shapes.

Question 3: Colour the smallest shape.

Question 4: Join the similar shapes.

Question 5:

Question 6:

Question 7: Make similar figures using the shape kit given at the back of this book.

Activity to be done by yourself.

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