National Talent Search Examination

NTSE exam is the National level scholarship program by Govt. of India and most venerated exam of India. It is not only about scholarship but a matter of great pride and honour for every student to be recognised as the nation’s talent. 

The NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) examination is conducted every year at two levels – Stage I (State level) and Stage II (National Level). NTSE Stage I is conducted by States and NTSE Stage II is conducted by NCERT.

In this page we have tried to clear all the doubts related to NTSE. Starting with the  benefits of NTSE, What is NTSE?, How to apply for NTSE?, How to prepare for NTSE?, Detailed syllabus of NTSE, NTSE Exam pattern, Selection process of NTSE, Cut-off marks of NTSE etc. 

  • SCHOLARSHIP. The biggest advantage is that the Central Government awards scholarships to the students who have cleared NTSE exam. ...

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship program in India to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent.

  • 5,00,000 students appear for this scholarship exam every year.
  • Only 1000 scholarships are awarded, out of which 775 are unreserved.
  • The scholarships are awarded to candidates for pursuing courses in sciences and social sciences up to doctoral level and professional courses up to second-degree level.
  • Scholarship of Rs. 1250 per month is awarded for class XI to XII.
  • Scholarship of Rs. 2000 per month is awarded for Undergraduates and Postgraduates.
  • The scholarship amount is fixed in accordance with the UGC norms for Ph.D.

There is a two-stage selection process for the award of scholarship. For Stage - I, the selection will be done by States/UTs through the written examination. Each State/Union Territory has been allotted a quota to recommend a specific number of candidates for the Stage - II examination, the details of which are available on the NCERT website (www.ncert.nic.in). Students who qualify for Stage - I will be eligible to appear for the Stage-II examination conducted by NCERT.


Quota for State/UT will be computed proportionally on the basis of student’s enrollment in Class IX and X. The scholarships under the present scheme are awarded to the candidates for pursuing courses in sciences and social sciences up to doctoral level and in professional courses like medicine and engineering up to second-degree level subject to the fulfillment of the conditions.

How to apply for NTSE ?

Candidates can apply for the NTSE through 3 Methods. More information about these methods are given below:

  • School: Students are introduced to the exam at the school, and the school takes responsibility for the application form. They distribute the application form to students and guide them in filling it. Then they submit it to the local Liaison's Office.
  • Liaison office: The candidate can also obtain the application form from the Liaison Office at the respective state or Union Territory. Then they can fill the application form and submit it at the Liaison's office.
  • Online Application Form: Candidates can also apply for the NTSE 2022 by filling the online application form. The procedure is as follows:

Registration: Candidates can visit the official website and click on "Apply for NTSE 2022". Then they should enter details like their name, Date of Birth (DOB), Mobile Number, E-mail Id, Educational Qualification, etc.

Application Form Download: Once you are registered on the official website, you can download the application form.

Filling the Application Form: Now fill in the application with your details. You should remember that only you have to fill your application form with your handwriting. Fill in your necessary information and then attach a passport size photograph and then sign the application form.

Attestation: Once you have filled the NTSE application form details, you have to get your school Principal's signature.

Application Fee Payment: Candidates have to pay the application fee in cash in the name of the State Liasion Office. The NTSE application fee will vary for different states.

Submit: Candidates can send the NTSE application form to the respective Liasion's office or submit it personally.

With only a few months left for the exam, everyone must be looking for last-minute tips to crack the national-level scholarship examination. Below are a few tips for the students to prepare for the examination:

  • Understand the syllabus: The candidates need to understand the syllabus well and mark all the important topics. By going through the NTSE Syllabus, the candidates would get a complete insight into all the subjects and topics from where the questions are produced in the examination.
  • Make a schedule/time table: A schedule/time table is the most important pre-requisite for the preparation for the exam. Chalk out a full schedule of the syllabus, segregate the units and mark all the important topics which need to be covered well in time.
  • Practice sample papers: It is important that the candidates practice from previous years' question papers, sample papers and take mock tests regularly to know the overall pattern of the test.
  • Revision: Since most of the syllabus is from 9th and 10th standard, the candidates should go through the NCERT books and revise all the topics thoroughly.
  • Time Management: Monitoring the time while solving sample papers would help the candidates in managing the time well and finish the exam before the timer runs out!
  • Best books for preparation: All the aspirants must know the best books for NTSE 2022. By picking up the focused study material for NTSE, one wouldn't waste time in studying what isn't required for this particular exam, as NTSE syllabus comprises the syllabus of Class 9th and Class 10th, but some topics are not that important, so one can refer to these books while preparing for the examination.
  • Eat healthy, stay healthy: Students must not forget to eat healthy food while studying, as the saying goes, "A Healthy mind dwells in a healthy body". Eating healthy would help in developing a healthy body and mind and hence the aspirant would be able to concentrate more on studying for the exam.
  • Take breaks while studying: Taking little breaks in between studying is a must to break the monotony and give the mind a fresher approach. A student must take 3-4 breaks in between while studying for the NTSE exams as it might get strenuous to study at a stretch.

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