Case Study Question 01

Political Science - Democratic Politics II

Chapter 7: Outcomes of Democracy

Class 10

Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions:
Expectations from democracy also function as the criteria for judging any democratic country. What is most distinctive about democracy is that its examination never gets over. As democracy passes one test, it produces another test. As people get some benefits of democracy, they ask for more and want to make democracy even better. That is why, when we ask people about the way democracy functions, they will always come up with more expectations, and many complaints. The fact that people are complaining is itself a testimony to the success of democracy: it shows that people have developed awareness and the ability to expect and to look critically at power holders and the high and the mighty. A public expression of dissatisfaction with democracy shows the success of the democratic project: it transforms people from the status of a subject into that of a citizen. Most individuals today believe that their vote makes a difference to the way the government is run and to their own self-interest.

Which one of the following is right about democracy?

(a). People can show their dissatisfaction with the government.
(b). Democracy does not promote transparency.
(c). Democracy promotes few families only.
(d) Democracy does not make a country strong

(a). People can show their dissatisfaction with the government.

Individuals in Democracy shows their participation in Democracy through :

(a) By voting in the process of formation of government
(b) By showing a public expression of dissatisfaction.
(c) Both of above
(d) None of Above.

(c) Both of above

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