Quadratic Equations Case Study Based Questions 01 Term II

Mathematics TERM II

Quadratic Equations

Class 10 Session 2021-2022

Case Study Questions 01

Raj and Ajay are very close friends. Both the families decide to go to Ranikhet by their own cars. Raj’s car travels at a speed of `x` km/h while Ajay’s car travels 5 km/h faster than Raj’s car. Raj took 4 hours more than Ajay to complete the journey of 400 km.

1. What will be the distance covered by Ajay’s car in two hours?

(a) `2(x + 5)` km
(b) `(x – 5)` km
(c) `2(x + 10)` km
(d) `(2x + 5)` km

(a) `2(x + 5)` km

2. Which of the following quadratic equations describes the speed of Raj’s car?

(a) `x^{2}-5x-500=0`
(b) `x^{2}+4x-400=0`
(c) `x^{2}+5x-500=0`
(d) `x^{2}-4x+400=0`

(c) `x^{2}+5x-500=0`

3. The roots of the quadratic equation which describe the speed of Raj’s car are

(a) 15, – 20
(b) 20, – 15
(c) 20, – 25
(d) 25, – 25

(c) 20, – 25

4. Which of the following quadratic equations has 2 as a root?

(a) `x^{2}-4x+5=0`
(b) `x^{2}+3x-12=0`
(c) `2x^{2}-7x+6=0`
(d) `3x^{2}-6x-2=0`

(c) `2x^{2}-7x+6=0`

5. The positive root of `\sqrt{3x^{2}+6}=9` is

(a) 5
(b) –5
(c) 3
(d) –3

(a) 5

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