Case Study Question 06


Chapter 4: Quadratic Equations

Class 10

Some students planned a picnic to Wayanad as a part of their Scout and guide activities. The total budget for picnic was Rs.2000 for each student. But 5 students failed to attend the picnic and thus the contribution for each student is increased by Rs.20.The details of other expenditures are given in the table below:

[wptb id=33994]

If `x` is the number of students planned for picnic, write the correct quadratic equation that describe the situation? What is the number of students planned for picnic?

  • `ax^{2}-5x-500=0`
  • 25

What is the number of students who attended the picnic? What is the total expense for this picnic?

  • 20
  • Rs. 2100

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