Case Study Question 04


Chapter 4: Carbon and its Compounds

Class 10

Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions:
Water is a simple molecule consisting of one oxygen atom bonded to two different hydrogen atoms. Because of the higher electronegativity of the oxygen atom, the bonds are polar covalent (polar bonds). The oxygen atom attracts the shared electrons of the covalent bonds to a significantly greater extent than the hydrogen atoms. The molecule has a bent structure, the  bond angle is about 105°.

Which of the following statement is true regarding the electronegativity of atoms in water molecule?

(a) Hydrogen is more electronegative than oxygen
(b) Hydrogen is less electronegative than oxygen
(c) Electronegativity is same in Hydrogen and oxygen
(d) Hydrogen and oxygen do no show significant electronegativity in water

(b) Hydrogen is less electronegative than oxygen

What is the shape of water molecule?

(a) Linear
(b) Trigonal planar
(c) Bent
(d) Octahedral

(c) Bent

Select the correct type of bonding in a water molecule

(a) Ionic Bonding
(b) Covalent Bonding
(c) Hydrogen Bonding
(d) None of these

(b) Covalent Bonding

The correct electron dot structure of a water molecule is


The H—O—H bond angle in water molecule is

(a) 109.5°
(b) 180°
(c) 90°
(d) 105.0°

(d) 105.0°

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