Surface Areas and Volumes Case Study Based Questions 01 Term II

Mathematics TERM II

Surface Areas & Volumes

Class 10 Session 2021-2022

Case Study Questions 01

Adventure camps are the perfect place for the children to practise decision making for themselves without parents and teachers guiding them every move. Some students of a school reached for adventure at Sakleshpur. At the camp, the waiters served some students with a welcome drink in a cylindrical glass while some students in a hemispherical cup whose dimensions are shown below. After that they went for a jungle trek. The jungle trek was enjoyable but tiring. As dusk fell, it was time to take shelter. Each group of four students was given a canvas of area 551 `m^{2}`. Each group had to make a conical tent to accommodate all the four students. Assuming that all the stitching and wasting incurred while cutting, would amount to 1 `m^{2}`, the students put the tents. The radius of the tent is 7 m.

1. The volume of cylindrical cup is

(a) 295.75 `cm^{3}`
(b) 7415.5 `cm^{3}`
(c) 384.88 `cm^{3}`
(d) 404.25 `cm^{3}`

(d) 404.25 `cm^{3}`

2. The volume of hemispherical cup is

(a) 179.67 `cm^{3}`
(b) 89.83 `cm^{3}`
(c) 172.25 `cm^{3}`
(d) 210.60 `cm^{3}`

(b) 89.83 `cm^{3}`

3. Which container had more juice and by how much?

(a) Hemispherical cup, 195 `cm^{3}`
(b) Cylindrical glass, 207 `cm^{3}`
(c) Hemispherical cup, 280.85 `cm^{3}`
(d) Cylindrical glass, 314.42 `cm^{3}`

(d) Cylindrical glass, 314.42 `cm^{3}`

4. The height of the conical tent prepared to accommodate four students is

(a) 18 m
(b) 10 m
(c) 24 m
(d) 14 m

(c) 24 m

5. How much space on the ground is occupied by each student in the conical tent

(a) 54 `m^{2}`
(b) 38.5 `m^{2}`
(c) 86 `m^{2}`
(d) 24 `m^{2}`

(b) 38.5 `m^{2}`

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