As per the latest Syllabus 2023-2024

Question.1. Who was Frederic Sorrieu?

Question.2. Who was Ernest Renan?

Question.3. What was the allegory of German States?

Question.4. Which principle was propounded by Montesquieu?

Question.5. Which important event mark the starting of civil disobedience movement?

Question.6. Who started the Awadh Kisan Sabha?

Question.7. When did Simon Commission reach India ? Why was it opposed?

Question.8. On his arrival in India name the places where Mahatma Gandhi organised Satyagraha movement?

Question.9. Name the Allies Countries?

Question.10. What is Al-Dorado in Latin America?

Ans.1. French Painter
Ans.2. French Philosopher
Ans.3. Germania Heroism
Ans.4. Separation of Powers
Ans.5. By breaking Salt Law.
Ans.6. Baba Ramchandra.
Ans.7. 1927 No Indian was there
Ans.8. Champaran, Kheda, Ahemdabad
Ans.9. Britain, France and Russia.
Ans.10. City of gold.

Question.11. Which country has the veto power in IMF and world bank?

Question.12. Around 500 years back which crop was not known by our ancestors?

Question.13. Who brought Printing to Europe?

Question.14. Which was the first book printed by Gutenberg?

Question.15. When the first paperback edition of books published?

Question.16. Name the book sold by traveling paddler?

Question.17. In the 19th industrialist in which country started using machines.

Question.18. In which decade factories opened in England?

Question.19. Who were Gomashtas?

Question.20. Which methods were adopted to create new consumers ?

Ans.11. United States of America
Ans.12. Potato
Ans.13. Yohana Gutenberg
Ans.14. Bible
Ans.15. With the start of Great Depession
Ans.16. Penny Chapbook
Ans.17. USA
Ans.18. In 1730s.
Ans.19. Supervisor appointed by East India Company over Weavers.
Ans.20. Through advertisements

Question.21. Which soil is found in the largest area of the country? How is it formed?

Question.22. Which soil is found in Maharashtra, Saurashtra and Malwa? How this soil is formed?

Question.23. Write the name of any two important factors in the process of soil formation?

Question.24. Write the name of any two soils found in India?

Question.25. How much water is there in the world out of total volume for the use of humans?

Question.26. In which state of India the roof top rainwater harvesting structure has been made compulsory with legal provisions?

Question.27. What was the main purpose of starting multi purpose projects after the independence of India?

Question.28. What are Guls’ or ‘Kuls’?

Question.29. Write the name of four Rabi and four Kharif crops of India?

Question.30. Write two characteristics of Plantation farming?

Ans.21. Alluvial soil. This is formed by the deposit of the rivers.
Ans.22. Black soil. It is made up of lava flows.
Ans.23. Relief, Parent rock, climate, vegetation, inorganic materials, humus and time.
Ans.24. Alluvial, black, red & yellow, laterite, arid, forest & mountainous.
Ans.25. 2.5%
Ans.26. Tamil Nadu

  • Development of Agriculture and the village economy.
  • Rapid industrialisation
  • Growth of the urban economy.

Ans.28. The diversion channels built in the mountainous regions of Western Himalayas.
Ans.29. Rabi-wheat, gram, barley, peas, mustard etc. Kharif-paddy, maize, jowar, bajra, arhar, moong etc.

  • Grown on a large area.
  • Needs more capital and labour.

Question.31. Write four examples of oil seeds and pulses?

Question.32. What is the rearing of silkworm for the production of silk is called?

Question.33. Where does the minerals occur in sedimentary rocks?

Question.34. Which is the finest quality of iron ore?

Question.35. Where does Manganese used?

Question.36. In which industry lime stone is used as a basic raw material?

Question.37. What is manufacturing?

Question.38. Which factor plays a most important role in the establishment of an industry?

Question.39. What is the importance of manufacturing industries?

Question.40. Enlist the factors influence the location of industries?

Ans.31. Pulses-arhar, moong, urad, masur, peas, gram etc. Oil seeds-groundnut, mustard, linseed, sesamum (til), soyabean etc.
Ans.32. Sericulture
Ans.33. In beds or layers.
Ans.34. Magnetite Content of iron up to 70%
Ans.35. It is used in manufacturing bleaching powder, insecticides and paints.
Ans.36. Cement Industry.
Ans.37. Production of goods in large quantities after processing from raw materials to more valuable products is called manufacturing.
Ans.38. Minimum/lower production cost.
Ans.39. By the development and competitiveness of manufacturing industries the agricultural production increases and trade-commerce get support and efficiency.
Ans.40. Availability of raw material, labour, capital, market, sources of power, financial Institution etc.

Question.41. Which two stations are linked by East-West corridor?

Question.42. Where is the head quarter of Northern Railways situated?

Question.43. When and where did the first train start running in India?

Question.44. Which is the oldest artificial port in India?

Question.45. Give an example of a country having one-party systems.

Question.46. Name the political parties which are result of social reform movements.

Question.47. Name the political party which is inspired from the ideas and teachings of Mahatma Phule and Sahu Maharaj.

Question.48. Which is the oldest recognised political party of India?

Question.49. Shyama works as a researcher in an Institution. While collecting data she could not classify the working sector of following people. Help her to do the classification with valid reasons.

A. Yogesh works as lawyer.
B. Shyam Lal Verma runs a dairy.
C. Parmod is an Engineer and works in Industrial sector.

Question.50. Iqbal along with five other members of his family worked as a farmer and produced 50 lakhs tons wheat. Due to some dispute in family two members opted out family business, but still they are able to produce 50 lakh tons Wheat. Can you name such kind of unemployment?

Ans.41. Silchar (Assam) to Porbandar(Gujarat)
Ans.42. Delhi
Ans.43. On 16 April, 1853 between Mumbai to Thane (34 km.)
Ans.44. Chennai
Ans.45. China
Ans.46. AIADMK and DMK
Ans.47. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)
Ans.48. Indian national congress

A. Being a lawyer Yogesh is providing legal services. Therefore his work comes in the Tertiary’ sector;
B. Shyam Lal Verma runs a dairy and he dependent on biological process of the animals and availability of fodder etc. The product milk also is a natural product. So his work comes under the Primary Sector.
C. As Parmod is working in Industry which basically depends upon primary sector for raw material. So his work comes under the Secondary sector.

Ans.50. Disguised unemployment

Question.51. Why is Tertiary sector also called the service sector?

Question.52. What are the main objectives of Public Sector?

Question.53. Suppose you are living in ancient times, when money is not accepted as medium of transaction. What kind of problem you will find while purchasing and selling the things?

Question.54. What was used as money in early ages in India?

Question.55. Bharti has doubt that why one cannot refuse a payment made in rupees in India?

Question.56. Which currency is used as medium of exchange at International Level?

Question.57. What is Globalization?

Question.58. Give one example of Trade Barriers?

Question.59. When did India adopt the new economic policy?

Question.60. Provide one example of Indian MNC’s?

Ans.51. Since these activities provides services rather than goods, the tertiary sector is also called the service sector.
Ans.52. To provide basic facilities to all their countrymen with the purpose of social welfare.
Ans.53. Double coincidence of Wants
Ans.54. Grains and Cattles
Ans.55. It is accepted as a medium of exchange. The currency is authorized by the government of the country.
Ans.56. Dollar
Ans.57. Globalization is the integration or interconnection between the countries through trade and foreign investment by multinational corporations.
Ans.58. Tax on Export
Ans.59. 1992
Ans.60. Tata Motors

Question.61. When did the UNO adopt the guideline for consumer movement?

Question.62. Why did the consumer movement begin?

Question.63. When consumer movement did arise?

Question.64. When did Consumer Protection Act (COPRA) enacted?

Question.65. When do we celebrate National Consumer day? Why?

Question.66. Name the International Institution of Consumer Welfare Organization?

Question.67. Which logo should we seek while purchasing electronics equipment’s?

Question.68. For which article Hallmark is used?

Question.69. What is AGMARK?

Question.70. Sumit bought jewelry worth rupees 30 lakhs and found it duplicate. In which court he can file his case against the jeweler?

Ans.61. 1985
Ans.62. Dissatisfaction among consumers
Ans.63. Around 1960’s
Ans.64. 1986
Ans.65. Consumer Day is celebrated in India on December 24 because on this day parliament enacted the COPRA.
Ans.66. Consumer International
Ans.67. ISI
Ans.68. Jewelry
Ans.69. Label which is on pure edible oil.
Ans.70. At state level

Question.71. Utkarsh booked a flat worth of two Cr., now dealer is conniving in giving the same. In which court he can file his case against the dealer?

Question.72. Asha bought refrigerator worth rupees fifty thousand, which was giving electric shock just after two days of purchasing. On complaint the seller is not taking it back. In which court she can file his case against the dealer?

Question.73. What does MRP stands for?

Question.74. Who is Ralph Nadar?

Question.75. If you want to extract information about the function of any government department, which right would you exercise?

Question.76. Ashwin bought a pack of brown bread later he realized that it was expiry. Which right was violated Of him?

Question.77. If you are not interested to buy a brush with tooth-paste but shopkeeper denied selling tooth-paste only. In this case which consumer right is violated by the seller?

Question.78. What are the main objectives of Private Sector?

Question.79. What does Underemployment mean?

Question.80. How does government support both farmers and consumers?

Ans.71. At National level
Ans.72. At District level
Ans.73. Maximum Retail Price
Ans.74. Widely known as Father of Consumer Movement.
Ans.75. Right to Information (RTI)
Ans.76. Right to Redress
Ans.77. Right to Choose
Ans.78. To eam more and more profit.
Ans.79. In a situation of underemployment, people are apparently working but all of them are made to work less than their potential.
Ans.80. The government in India buys wheat and rice from farmers at a fixed price. This is stores in its godowns and sells at a lower price to consumers through ration shops. Here government has to bear marginal cost. In this way, the government supports both farmers and consumers.

Question.81. Which mineral is found in Monazite sands?

Question.82. Which are the non-conventional energy resources?

Question.83. Where does the largest solar plant of India is located?

Question.84. Where does the two experimental projects have been set up in India to harness geothermal energy?

Question.85. What is Rat-Hole mining?

Question.86. Why Mumbai high is famous for?

Question.87. Rowlatt Act was called as an oppressive legislation why?

Question.88. Who composed the song Vande Mataram’?

Question.89. Why did British government try to curtail the freedom of press after 1857 ?

Question.90. Where and when was Indian National Congress formed ?

Ans.81. Thorium.
Ans.82. Wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy, Geo-thermal energy.
Ans.83. At Madhapur near Bhuj (Gujarat).
Ans.84. In the Parvati Vally near Manikaran in Himachal Pradesh and in the Puga Valley, Ladakh.
Ans.85. In Jowai and Cherapunjee the coal mining is done by family members in the form of a long narrow tunnel, known as a Rat-Hole mining.
Ans.86. The largest Petroleum producing area of India.
Ans.87. Under this Act political prisoners could be kept in jail for two years without trial.
Ans.88. 1870 Bankim Chandra
Ans.89. Arousing spirit of Nationalism
Ans.90. 1885

Question.91. Who was the First President of Indian National Congress?

Question.92. After hearing about which event Mahatama Gandhi decided to call off Non cooperation Movement?

Question.93. The neighbouring country of India where only one party is allowed to rule ?

Question.94. Who is the founder of the Bahujan Samaj Party ?

Question.95. How many political parties are there in india ?

Question.96. How many national parties are there in India ?

Question.97. Who allots election symbol to the political parties ?

Question.98. Which act is considered the watch dog of democracy?

Question.99. Which from of government stands much superior in promoting equality, freedom and fraternity among the people?

Question.100. Which kind of measures is likely to succeed more in order to reform democracy?

Ans.91. WC Bannerji
Ans.92. Violent incident at Chauri Chaura
Ans.93. China
Ans.94. Kanshi Ram
Ans.95. More than 750
Ans.96. Six
Ans.97. Election Commission
Ans.98. The right to Information Act.
Ans.99. Democratic form of government.
Ans.100. Measures that-relies on democratic movements, people’s organisations and the media.

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