Hint: Understand simple food test to assess the nutrient present in the given food and examine their impact.

Question.1. A student performed a test for the presence of nutrients in banana. He placed a piece of banana in a test tube and added 2-3 drops of dilute iodine solution. He observed the appearance of blue-black colour. What can be concluded from this observation?

(a) Presence of fat
(b) Presence of protein
(c) Presence of vitamins
(d) Presence of carbohydrates

Question.2. A group of students conduct an experiment to study the amount of protein in four different food items. They placed the paste of each item in different test tube and added a few drops of copper sulphate and caustic soda solution to each of the test tubes. After shaking, the test tubes were allowed to stand for a few minutes. The appearance of violet colour indicates the presence of proteins. The observation from the experiment is as shown.cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-2-q-2Based on the observations, which test tube has food item with maximum protein content?

(a) Test tube 1
(b) Test tube 2
(c) Test tube 3
(d) Test tube 4

Ans.1. (d) Presence of carbohydrates
Ans.2. (d) Test tube 4

Hint: Explain the function of each nutrient in order to discuss the importance of nutrients in good health.

Question.3. Why it is important to consume diet with adequate amount of vitamins?

(a) They provide energy to the body.
(b) They protect the body against diseases.
(c) They promote proper growth of the body.
(d) They help in eliminating waste from the body.

Question.4. An individual consumes a diet rich in fats, carbohydrates, and proteins but ignores to incorporate adequate amount of fluids. What will be the likely effect to the body if the individual continues with the same diet?

(a) The body will show rapid growth and development.
(b) The body will eliminate all the nutrients from body.
(c) The body will reduce the output of sweat and urine.
(d) The body will readily digest the consumed food.

Ans.3. (b) They protect the body against diseases.
Ans.4. (c) The body will reduce the output of sweat and urine.

Hint: Design a balanced diet plan in order to provide body sufficient nutrients it need
to function properly.

Question.5. The table shows the list of some food items.cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-2-q-5Which of these food items is important to be included in a balanced diet?

(a) Fruits, milk
(b) Cake, fruits
(c) Pizza, chocolate
(d) Ice-cream, cake

Question.6. The table lists some food items.cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-2-q-6Which option correctly indicates a balanced diet?

(a) Samosa, poori, sweets, sweets
(b) Poori, jaggery, banana, cold drinks
(c) Soya bean, sweets, spinach, cold drinks
(d) Spinach, jaggery, banana, soya bean

Ans.5. (a) Fruits, milk
Ans.6. (d) Spinach, jaggery, banana, soya bean

Hint: Hypothesize consequences of eliminating any one major nutrients in order to make a healthy food choice.

Question.7. Which of the following conditions will occur if a person eliminates the food items that are rich in Vitamin D from his diet?

(a) Beriberi
(b) Goitre
(c) Rickets
(d) Scurvy

Question.8. The image shows a common symptom of a nutrient deficiency.cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-2-q-8Deficiency of which nutrient is responsible for this bodily condition?

(a) Iodine; it results in goitre
(b) Iron; it results in anaemia
(c) Vitamin C; it results in scurvy
(d) Vitamin B1; it results in beriberi

Ans.7. (c) Rickets
Ans.8. (a) Iodine; it results in goitre

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