Competency Based Questions Chapter 1 Food: Where does it come From?

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Hint: Analyse common food items in order to identify various ingredients for their

Question.1. Sita wants to make dal. What ingredients must she have to make this dish?

(a) Atta, water, spices
(b) Rice, water and salt
(c) Mango, water and sugar
(d) Pulses, water and salt

Question.2. A lady prepared some food items as listed in the table.cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-2Which of these ingredients is common in all these food items?

(a) Flour
(b) Rice
(c) Spices
(d) Water

Ans.1. (d) Pulses, water and salt
Ans.2. (d) Water

Hint: Identify the sources of ingredients used to prepare food items.

Question.3. The table shows some ingredients grouped into group 1 and group 2, on the basis of their sources.cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-3Which option correctly lists other ingredients that can be included in group 1 and group 2?

(a) Group 1- Honey; Group 2- Butter
(b) Group 1- Milk; Group 2- Flour
(c) Group 1- Salt; Group 2- Banana
(d) Group 1- Spices; Group 2- Fish

Question.4. Ganesh wants to make Dal for his friends, but he does not know the ingredients that are used to make Dal. Help Ganesh to select correct set of ingredients and their source from the following.

(a) cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-4-a(b) cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-4-b(c) cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-4-c(d) cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-4-d

Ans.3. (b) Group 1- Milk; Group 2- Flour
Ans.4. (a) cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-4-a

Hint: Observe different food ingredients in order to recognise if their origin is from the part of the plant.

Question.5. Sunflower oil is used by many people across the world for cooking. What part of the sunflower plant is used for the extraction of oil?

(a) Flower
(b) Leaf
(c) Root
(d) Seed

Question.6. Which of the following is the fruit of the plant?

(a) Chilli
(b) Mustard oil
(c) Onion
(d) Potato

Ans.5. (d) Seed
Ans.6. (a) Chilli

Hint: List edible animal products in order to understand how we depend on them for our food.

Question.7. The table list some ingredients used by a baker to make a cake.cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-7How many of these ingredients are animal-based products?

(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 5
(d) 6

Question.8. The image shows a refrigerator in which some ingredients are placed.cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-8 Which of the following correctly describes the source of ingredients that are labelled as A, B, C, D and E?

(a) cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-8-a(b) cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-8-b(c) cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-8-c(d) cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-8-d

Ans.7. (b) 4
Ans.8. (c) cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-8-c

Hint: Categorize organisms into herbivores, carnivores & omnivores based on their food habits or nutrition.

Question.9. The table shows some animals grouped in group A and group B based on the type of food that they eat.cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-9 Which option correctly lists other animals that can be included in group A and group B?

(a) Group A-Cat; Group B-Monkey
(b) Group A-Snake; Group B- Pigs
(c) Group A-Deer; Group B-Elephant
(d) Group A-Crocodile; Group B-Wolf

Question.10. The image shows a food web.cbe-questions-science-class-6-ch-1-q-10 Which of the following pair correctly represents the Omnivores?

(a) Bear and Grouse
(b) Grouse and Deer
(c) Marmot and insects
(d) Bear and Red-tailed hawk

Ans.9. (b) Group A-Snake; Group B- Pigs
Ans.10. (a) Bear and Grouse

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